Amidst these chaotic times, I have finally completed my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and communications and as usual, to celebrate this and every other milestone I followed my instincts to call my grandparents. But this time it was different.

The year 2020 has amazed me, I mean I haven’t expected something this bizarre, what this year has shown us so far. The year started off with some shocking news. …

This is my experience at one of the best Hackathons in one of the best universities in the entire world. The article consists of what was my learning and how can you too apply for Hacktech and visit one of the most beautiful and prestigious university campuses in the states.

About Caltech

It is an International non-governmental and Not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership opportunities abroad to make a progressive social impact.

This article is an overview of my experience in this amazing organization which changes an individual with its eccentric aura.

Why this was a turning point in my life?

Being an AIESECer itself speak volumes about a person and their personality, from managing their Leadership development analysis every quarter parallelly with their academics and social life is much harder…

Ishan Yash

Just Sharing what I like. Tech enthusiast — Analytics — IoT

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